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The Monday Deliverability Cheer

So my Friday fun failed so I moved it to the Monday Deliverability Cheer to rev up your work week.  Enjoy… #deliverability #emailmarketing

D is for – “Delivery” of messages right to the inbox. The right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel.

E is for – “Education” because you can never get enough. Listen to the masters in this industry and you will go far.

L is for – “Labor” because this is not an easy job but someone has to do it. You only get out what you are willing to put in.

I is for – “IP address” monitor yours, check it’s reputation, take care of it and it will reward you.

V is for – “Victory” that feeling that you get from a great campaign with awesome results.

E is for – “Evolution” because the email space is constantly evolving, what works today may not work tomorrow. Always keep on top of trends.

R is for – “Reputation” – Your online reputation will get you in to the best inboxes where you are free to be a rock star.

A is for – “Avoiding” SPAM filters, Junk mail, and RBL’s at all costs.

B is for – “Best Practices” follow them and you will be successful.

I is for – “images” that display properly across all email clients and browsers but don’t forget the Alt Tags.

L is for – “Learning” something new every day. There is so much to learn, surround yourself and listen to industry leaders and you will go far

I is for – “Indicators” to look out for that can cause poor deliverability, poor reputation, and most of all poor results.

T is for – “Time” Deliverability is not an overnight thing, you need to dedicate the time to be successful.

Y is for – “You” because YOU are ultimately responsible for your online reputation and deliverability.

What’s that spell DELIVERABILITY. Say it again, DELIVERABILITY, Who can get good deliverability? EVERYONE.

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