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Gold Lasso Announces – Adding eLoop Opt-In Forms to Your Facebook Fan Page

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With a lot of recent news and blog talk about the marriage between email and social media, Gold Lasso would like to announce our very own social “engagement!”

Mazel Tov to Facebook and Gold Lasso, whose respective Fan Pages and eLoop Data Collection Forms now live happily together, side by side. While it’s still early on and they are still getting to know each other a bit, we are overjoyed at the possibilities that these two are going to have in the future.

Get Started Right Away

What this means for your business:

If you have a Fan Page on Facebook and an eLoop account, you are already on your way to integrating social media and email marketing . Follow (these instructions) to use the power of social marketing to generate leads and grow lists from a developing fan base.
Here are a few of the many benefits of adding an Opt-In form to your Fan Page:

1.     Tap into a new avenue of lead generation from your fans.

2.     Create a Facebook Fans list in eLoop.

3.     Send exclusive personalized offers or special announcements to loyal Facebook fans

4.     Create a simple “set it and forget it” autoresponder campaign to thank fans for signing up.

5.     Become more engaging and effective with a more personal approach to online marketing tactics

We created a guide to help you add a form to your business’s Fan Page.  This easy to follow ten step guide will have you collecting email addresses in no time.

Want to see an example? Check out Gold Lasso’s Fan Page on Facebook to see our signup form in action!  While you’re there, become a fan to keep up to date with all the happenings at Gold Lasso.

On another note, we’ve been working on a BIG new feature for the last few months.  We are in the final stages and will be making a the announcement soon.  Unfortunately these things take time (sometimes more time than anticipated especially working with a bunch of perfectionists :) But we know it’s worth the wait.

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