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New White Paper from Gold Lasso – HTML Design Rendering Challenges

Once you reach the in-box. . .

How do you really know your campaign’s design will end up looking the way you intended?

Introducing a new white paper for email designers, packed with essential information that every email marketer and designer must know.

This comprehensive rendering paper gives you:

* 2010’s “Worst Offender” email clients that give designers headaches, and how to avoid them

* HTML elements to absolutely eliminate from your design templates

* Designing for websites versus designing for email

* Gold Lasso’s “Lucky Thirteen” design rules for successful email rendering

* Approaches for both desktop and mobile marketing

Arm yourself with knowledge, and design for the in-box every time. After reading this white paper, you’ll be able to boost metrics with your next campaign.


Only half of email marketers design messages correctly.

Do you?

Download Gold Lasso’s White Paper, “Tackling Email-Rendering Challenges to Boost Campaign Results

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