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New (I think) AOL IP Reputation Checking Tool

I was reading Annalivia Ford’s blog (As of today she is the former AOL Postmaster (Senior Technical Account Manager)) today and found this extremely useful tool to check your IP reputation across AOL’s servers.

AOL Reputation Checking Tool –

AOL’s description of the tool:

“This page is an interface to check additional statistics on a single IP. It is designed for you to check if your RDNS has propagated to the AOL network and review some quick statistics of an IP. Note: Customer service is unable to assist in the explanation of IP statistics. Please review the FAQ section to get a better understanding of these statistics.”

It’s also noted in her blog entry (as well as a post on that AOL’s postmaster team is now housed in India.

Good luck to Annalivia and thanks to all she has done for AOL’s Postmaster Team.

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