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Monday Morning Cheer – Goooooooooooo Preference Pages!


Preference Page Cheer

Good Monday morning all my #emailmarketing peeps. Get psyched for the week with the latest installment of my Monday Morning Cheer. Thanks to our new Community Manager Sara for all her help in getting this out this morning. Goooooooooooo Preference Pages!

“P” is for Preference Pages. Theyre a necessity to your online presence. Do it right&reap the benefits of better list growth #emailmarketing


“R” is for Retention of subscribers. If you aren’t using preference pages correctly or not at all you’re losing subscribers! #emailmarketing


“E” is for Elbow grease. Put in the work & you’ll be rewarded with a more quality list which = better opens & clicks #emailmarketing


“F” is for Footers. Use custom footers leading to custom Preference Pages to segment your brands. #emailmarketing


“E” is for Easy to navigate. K.I.S.S. Don’t make things too hard or subscribers will get frustrated and opt-out #emailmarketing


“R” is for Relevancy. Customize your Pref Pages based on your subscribers & use separate pages for different communications #emailmarketing


“E” is for Edit. Lists names must be relevant (i.e. don’t use “List 1″ or “Bad Customers”). Test & re-test & test again! #emailmarketing


“N” is for Nothing. Nothing on your Pref Pages = no choices for subscribers. Get ready to watch your lists diminish #emailmarketing


“C” is for Choices. Give subscribers choices to opt-in&out of lists/communication categories & list attrition will decrease #emailmarketing


“E” is for… It’s really hard to find this many E words for this cheer :) #emailmarketing


“S” is for Segmentation. Use the data you gather from Preference Pages properly & target subscribers based on their choices #emailmarketing


Whats that spell? PREFERENCES! Remember its easy for subscribers to simply opt-out. Give them choices & your lists will grow #emailmarketing

Kidding aside, Preference Pages are so important for your marketing efforts. If you have any comments or questions hit me up! P.S. thx @Sara_C_Stein

10 Uses for Gold Lasso’s RSS to Email Feature…

About a week ago, we posted a query in our GLJive Client Community for our clients to come up with 10 uses for our RSS to Email feature.  If you aren’t familiar with this feature, here are a few of the sticky points:

* Automate your Email Campaigns based on your RSS feed(s)
* Customize messages and templates easily to include RSS feed(s)
* Control which feed(s) are included in which campaign including multiple feeds per campaign
* Control the times that the campaigns go out (daily, weekly, or monthly)
* The ability to choose the launch of the campaign only when RSS feed(s) are updated (validation)

There are so many uses for this feature in pretty much every industry.  If you don’t believe that this saves time and creates a huge efficiency, ask Gary Smith of Fox’s Bull’s and Bears and owner of  The Chart Man Website.  With the help of Gold Lasso, he saved countless hours for him and his staff by automating his daily email campaigns using the RSS to Email feature. Our group came up with some great uses, so here they are in no particular order.

Usage #1 – Deal of the Day

Post exclusive deals for those who follow your RSS feed. Let the RSS to Email feature do the rest for you.

Usage #2 – Internal Communications

Aggregate RSS feeds of competitor information: tweets, news releases, Facebook updates, etc. Automate a campaign that’s internal to your company and sales team. Not many subscribers, but it could be quite useful!

Usage #3 – Automatic Photo Updates via Email

For a website constantly uploaded with photos, pull an RSS feed of new photos into scheduled campaigns. Several applications: Dating Site, Real Estate, News, etc.

Usage #4 – Deal Roundup

Similar to Usage #1, a website that posts MULTIPLE sales/deals can send a weekly or daily email that pulls all deals into an email.

Usage #5 – Candidate Recruitment

Insert feed of resumes titles, even by category, into an email to HR and recruiting managers. Use campaign categories for highly targeted approach.

Usage  #6 – Job Listings

Insert feed of job listings, either by zip code or by category, into email for job-seekers. Schedule weekly or daily campaigns.

Usage #7 – Automate message assembly

Instead of designing new messages and campaigns, create a message template with space for your private feed. Update the feed and your campaign is sent automatically.

Usage #8 – Live Event Coverage

A lot of bloggers and tweeters constantly update from live events.  You could sum up all of the posts from the event in an easy to read re-cap.

Usage #9 – Writers/Authors

Authors could send teaser chapters from an upcoming book to get readers excited.

Usage #10 – Public Postings

Public postings could be used by colleges and other higher education, regulatory, state run groups, government, etc.

What is an OCA (One Click Alert)???

An OCA or One Click Alert is an easy to use Email Campaign that allows you to custom configure and send a message to a private designated mailbox which triggers your custom campaign upon receipt of the message or on a delay.  Once the campaign is established all you need to do to execute the campaign is send a message to your private mailbox and voila!  This feature is great for weather alerts, school closings or delays, breaking news, 3rd Party integration, and much more.

Here are the specifications for the One Click Alerts:

* Ability to assign communication categories.
* Only accept emails from certain email addresses (for security).
* Ability to disable link tracking if necessary.
* A dedicated private email address/mailbox for OCA’s
* Automatically test the message upon recipient in your dedicated mailbox.
* SMS message notification once the campaign has been received with campaign details.
* Immediate campaign sending upon delivery.
* Delayed campaign sending for testing purposes and auditing.

Custom variables to pass within the email (optional but makes it even more automated):

* Customizable from line
* Include which reply profile to use in the message body
* Include list name in the message body

The message is parsed for the above variables upon receipt to complete the campaign.

This is a very powerful and customizable feature.  Gold Lasso is one of the few Email Service Provider’s out there that have this capability and has made it extremely easy to use.

Gold Lasso – eLoop Users, Are Being Heard

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We Listened…

eLoop Users, Are Being Heard

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed eLoop Feedback in response to our recent email requests. The responses have been great so far. To prove we are listening, we already implemented changes based on popular submitted topics. We will continue to listen as eLoop 5.0 is developed, and I encourage everyone to vote on suggested changes.

Our most notable recent change?

“Have an option to send a test message within the message editor.”

There are now new icons for Enhanced Message Testing and the new Message Testing.  When you click the Message Testing icon it will launch a light box which allows you to send a test without navigating away from your message. Make sure you save the message before launching a test.

Warm regards,

Michael E. Weisel
Co-founder, CTO
Follow me on Twitter for Valuable Industry/Gold Lasso Information

If you have more suggestions or feature requests, now is the time to let us know!

Join us for Gold Lasso’s April 15 Email Design webinar: “Tackling Email-Rendering Challenges to Boost Campaign Results”

If you recently read our white paper for email marketers and designers, or saw the Gold Lasso video, “Lucky 13 Rules for Email Rendering,” you may have been surprised to learn all these new tips for email design. We’ve heard from experienced graphic designers and emarketers who wanted to learn more, so we created this webinar to go over each of the 13 Rules.

Questions we will answer include:

  • How can I avoid a recipient seeing something other than what our original design intended?
  • When someone’s settings block images, how can I still get them to understand my message?
  • How does the use of mobile devices impact design?

To learn more about the Lucky 13, tips for maintaining control over your email campaigns’ designs, register now – space is limited! This is a can’t-miss webinar, and it’s free.

Click Here To view the invitation

Gold Lasso Releases The Lucky 13 for Email Rendering Best Practices White Paper

Gold Lasso, a leading email service provider (ESP), has released a white paper advocating the increased awareness of email rendering challenges. Also discussed are the constraints of designing for emails rather than websites, and what designers should do to manage them. The white paper offers 13 solutions for effective email marketing design, helping to drive campaign ROI through better email rendering.

“Many graphic designers are unaware of the technical differences between websites and email,” said Michael Weisel, co-founder and CTO of Gold Lasso. Weisel continued, “By carefully following design best practices, email marketers can avoid confusing recipients when email clients render messages incorrectly. This problem occurs quite often.”

One example cited is when a campaign is created using a company’s web design elements. This causes the layout of the email shifts so dramatically by the time it reaches the in-box, the recipient deletes the email without reading it and without clicking links. Subsequent campaigns from the same sender are often deleted before being opened, or the individual opts-out because those messages provide little value. Gold Lasso’s paper offers key insights into helping marketers and designers avoid these pitfalls.

The goal of releasing this white paper, entitled “Tackling Email-Rendering Challenges to Boost Campaign Results,” is to help educate the online marketing community about designing for the in-box. The paper provides discussions of poorly-rendered email design elements and analyzing where problems can be avoided.

Gold Lasso’s “Lucky 13″ challenges and solutions include:

– Which web and desktop-based email applications are most limiting and why
– How to address background image and custom design element complications
– How to design for narrow windows such as mobile web browsers and preview panes
– When to plan for image suppression due to security settings
– Why limits exist with fonts and style

Gold Lasso’s effort to educate email marketers is part of an overarching commitment to help boost campaign results across the industry. You can download your free copy at Gold Lasso’s Learning Center.

To download the white paper, visit and register with the Learning Center.

Facebook Starts Sending Page Admins Weekly Stat Reports

Last night I received a message from Facebook regarding our Fan Page.  The stats were rather vague but still helpful.  Here are the stats that were reported:

+xxx Fans this week (xxx total Fans)
x Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (x last week)
xxxx Visits to your page this week (xxx Visits last week)

The message looked a bit spammy at first until I checked out the headers.  Plus the email address that it was sent to is only used for Facebook so that helped with the legitimacy in my mind.

According to an article from Mashable the feature has not been officially announced yet but jives with January’s rollout of Post Insights which tells you the reach and feedback level of each item you post to a Fan Page.

Gold Lasso Announces – Adding eLoop Opt-In Forms to Your Facebook Fan Page

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With a lot of recent news and blog talk about the marriage between email and social media, Gold Lasso would like to announce our very own social “engagement!”

Mazel Tov to Facebook and Gold Lasso, whose respective Fan Pages and eLoop Data Collection Forms now live happily together, side by side. While it’s still early on and they are still getting to know each other a bit, we are overjoyed at the possibilities that these two are going to have in the future.

Get Started Right Away

What this means for your business:

If you have a Fan Page on Facebook and an eLoop account, you are already on your way to integrating social media and email marketing . Follow (these instructions) to use the power of social marketing to generate leads and grow lists from a developing fan base.
Here are a few of the many benefits of adding an Opt-In form to your Fan Page:

1.     Tap into a new avenue of lead generation from your fans.

2.     Create a Facebook Fans list in eLoop.

3.     Send exclusive personalized offers or special announcements to loyal Facebook fans

4.     Create a simple “set it and forget it” autoresponder campaign to thank fans for signing up.

5.     Become more engaging and effective with a more personal approach to online marketing tactics

We created a guide to help you add a form to your business’s Fan Page.  This easy to follow ten step guide will have you collecting email addresses in no time.

Want to see an example? Check out Gold Lasso’s Fan Page on Facebook to see our signup form in action!  While you’re there, become a fan to keep up to date with all the happenings at Gold Lasso.

On another note, we’ve been working on a BIG new feature for the last few months.  We are in the final stages and will be making a the announcement soon.  Unfortunately these things take time (sometimes more time than anticipated especially working with a bunch of perfectionists :) But we know it’s worth the wait.

New White Paper from Gold Lasso – HTML Design Rendering Challenges

Once you reach the in-box. . .

How do you really know your campaign’s design will end up looking the way you intended?

Introducing a new white paper for email designers, packed with essential information that every email marketer and designer must know.

This comprehensive rendering paper gives you:

* 2010’s “Worst Offender” email clients that give designers headaches, and how to avoid them

* HTML elements to absolutely eliminate from your design templates

* Designing for websites versus designing for email

* Gold Lasso’s “Lucky Thirteen” design rules for successful email rendering

* Approaches for both desktop and mobile marketing

Arm yourself with knowledge, and design for the in-box every time. After reading this white paper, you’ll be able to boost metrics with your next campaign.


Only half of email marketers design messages correctly.

Do you?

Download Gold Lasso’s White Paper, “Tackling Email-Rendering Challenges to Boost Campaign Results

AOL – RTR:DU Block Update (spamhaus PBL blocks)

From AOL’s Postmaster from earlier this afternoon:

“We’ve had intermittent issues with RTR:DU (spamhaus PBL blocks) refuses beginning 2/23, which will be fixed by 10AM Eastern on Monday, March 8.

If you’ve been seeing RTR:DU errors and you have confirmed your sending IP is not listed in the Spamhaus PBL, your issue should be cleared on Monday. “