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Yahoo Mail Servers Experiencing MTA Connectivity Issues Today

This was posted on Yahoo today…

If you’re seeing some queuing in your outbounds today when sending to Y! users,
we’re currently experiencing low connectivity across our MTAs, which started
this morning. We’re working to get things back to normal.

The SMTP error message being generated by the issue should be:

“420 Resources unavailable temporarily. Please try later <insert Y! MTA

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Press Release – Gold Lasso Adds Government-to-Citizen Notifications to its List of Capabilities

Gold Lasso launches CapitalSpeak, a special division to service the unique needs of federal, state and local governments.

Washington, D.C. (MarketWire) January 6, 2010 – CapitalSpeak, a new division of Gold Lasso, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand marketing automation and campaign management systems, announced today the release of its eLoop product for the government marketplace. This announcement coincides with the growing demand for formalized public email and mobile communications systems within federal, state and local governments. With automated alert notification capabilities, real-time subscription and response management, CapitalSpeak offers agencies the most robust solution for a wide variety of government-to-citizen communications.

“What makes CapitalSpeak perfect for our government clients is that it allows public affairs, web communications and emergency management professionals to send email campaigns from anywhere at any time, to as many citizens as necessary,” said Elie Ashery, President and CEO of Gold Lasso. “Timely communication these days, whether it’s regarding public safety, job listings or general awareness of services, is essential to build trust in the public eye. “

CapitalSpeak capabilities include database integration with third-party systems and existing web forms, custom newsletter template design and deliverability consulting to ensure important messages are delivered, opened and read.  Aside from executing email campaigns, eLoop also allows clients to analyze and segment lists, synchronize with social media sites, develop landing pages and gather feedback from subscribers via surveys. Designated users can operate from a mobile device eLoop’s One Click Alerts campaigns to send public service announcements (PSAs) or activate a Crisis Communications System.

CapitalSpeak Account Features:

  • Unique IP Address
  • Custom DNS
  • Delivery Monitoring
  • Submission to ISP White Lists
  • Volume Discounts
  • Personal Service and Account Support
  • Web-based access
  • Unlimited number of users

All CapitalSpeak products and services are available via the GSA Advantage Schedule under Gold Lasso, Inc. contract number GS-35F0794M.

Previously only available to private businesses and institutions, eLoop users include Oral Roberts University, George Mason University, Purdue University and the University of Denver.

About CapitalSpeak
CapitalSpeak is a service of Gold Lasso, a leading SaaS provider of email marketing, response management and marketing automation solutions. CapitalSpeak is designed for Government-to-Citizen communications where federal, state and local governments can easily provide their citizens with timely and relevant information.  CapitalSpeak’s systems help the government communications professional efficiently deliver the right message to the right person at the right time using the right medium.  CaptialSpeak also provides the necessary response management tools to engage citizens for feedback and to manage, channel and respond to feedback accordingly.

About Gold Lasso
Gold Lasso, Inc., located in Gaithersburg, MD, is one of the fastest growing email service provider, specializing in solving the online marketing challenges of middle and enterprise marketplaces. Gold Lasso provides on-demand e-mail marketing technology and services, including eLoop, its modular solution that enables clients to collect and manage data, streamline outbound messaging and access reporting features. For more information, visit the Gold Lasso Web site at or call 301-990-9857.

Cox Communications – Blocking URL’s Within Message Body??

I was helping a client troubleshoot a deliverability issue with Cox Communication the other day and found something very odd.  The issue was that all messages being sent to recipients was never reaching the inbox.  The messages were not being bounced back so there was no bounce error to reference back to and of course without that Tech Support is less opt to help troubleshoot.  The messages do not appear to be blocked for domain or IP reasons, and it doesn’t seem to be content related, but it does appear to have something to do with the message itself.  Here is the scenario and what we tried with the results:

* Simple text message no links – delivered to mailbox

* Simple text message with a hyperlinked word (i.e. Click here) – delivered to mailbox

* Simple text message with a hyperlink written out in the message body (i.e. – not delivered to mailbox

* Simple message with average size image and no links – delivered to mailbox

* Simple message with average size image with a hyperlinked word (i.e. Click here) – delivered to mailbox

* Simple message with average size image with a hyperlink written out in the message body (i.e. – not delivered to mailbox

**NOTE** – We used the same url for the hyperlink throughout all of our testing.

Once we removed the hyperlink from within the message body and replaced it with hyperlinked text, all messages from the client’s IP/domain were delivered.  Has anyone else had or seen this issue before?  This is the first time that I have seen this technique by anyone to block messages.  This technique of blocking would make it difficult for anyone trying to pass a hyperlinked url in their message for a copy and paste reason or for text messages.

I have fired off an email to the postmaster at Cox and will post back the response one I receive it.  If you have any experience with this, please let me know by commenting back or by sending me a message.