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Mazel Tov to Goodmail and Microsoft!!

It looks as though Goodmail has inked a deal with Microsoft that will go in to effect on or around the 17th of February.  This is exciting news not only for the two companies involved but email marketers (who qualify) who have had deliverability issues with Microsoft in the past.  I look forward to hearing more about this as it completely develops.

Thanks @LenShneyder from Pivotal Veracity for reporting it here:

Click here for more information about becoming Goodmail certified.

Round Two of Mother Natures Punishment on the DC Metro Area.

As many of you have heard, the DC Metro area is in the midst of a second major snow storm. Since we have not recovered from the first yet, the conditions are even more hazardous. Our number one priority at this time is keeping our employees safe so we have our staff working remotely until conditions improve.

Please continue to use GL Jive for eLoop inquiries as this is best way to ensure you will receive the assistance you need. For emergencies, please email

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Stay tuned…updates and pictures will soon follow!

The Gold Lasso Team

First Yahoo, Now AOL is having Error Code Issues

AOL is currently experiencing issues which are causing incorrect error codes to be issued.  This is an issue on AOL’s side and they are currently working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  We will keep you updated as soon as they have a resolution.  Here is what the AOL Postmaster Blog is reporting…

“We are at present issuing a “451 4.3.0 <>: Temporary lookup failure” which should be read as “User not known”. This is transient and we will post an update when it stops.

This is not replacing the existing two codes:

500, text= 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected:


550 Mailbox not found

Senders using scripts to remove unknown users automatically should be looking for all three codes for the moment.

AOL AntiSpam”

Guess who is having low connectivity issues again?

Guess who’s back, back again?  Yahoo connectivity issues are back, tell a friend…

It looks as though the connectivity issue has once again reared it’s ugly head for Yahoo.  At least this time the SMTP error message is different (if that helps.)  Our clients can follow this developing story in the Gold Lasso Client Portal.  Good luck to Yahoo on getting this resolved permanently and putting this all behind them.

Below is the message that I received from the Yahoo Postmaster Team…


At around 6am PST, we again started experiencing low connectivity on our MXes, and we have since been working incessantly to improve the situation. As before, the SMTP error message being generated by the issue will generally be the following:

“420 Resources unavailable temporarily. Please try later <insert Y! MTA hostname”

However, some senders may see our other “421” SMTP error messages as well, as listed here:

Ensuring that email is delivered in a timely manner is of the utmost importance and priority for us, so we appreciate your patience while we work on the issue.

Best regards,

Yahoo! Mail

Message, List, and Campaign Archiving now Available in Gold Lasso’s eLoop

At Gold Lasso, growing anticipation about  the eLoop 5.0 launch has our team  working even harder. In a few  months, we’ll be rolling out an  exciting new version of eLoop with  added and improved features to make  your job easier.

With a focus on helping marketers work more efficiently, we  are diligently developing the right tools and functionality  to create the smartest ESP software out there. But even  though 5.0 is just around the corner, we continue to  introduce some of these new features in our current product.  Our latest addition will make our organized users do  cartwheels down the hall (we witnessed this phenomenon  yesterday in our office from our Client Service reps when we  told them the feature was going live). The Archiving feature  will be available to all users Thursday January 28th.

Message, List, and Campaign Archiving

This feature gives you the ability to query Messages, Lists,  and Campaigns (based on time) and choose which ones to  archive. The easy-to-use tool employs a simple list/checkbox  format. This is a great way to “tidy up” your eLoop account  and improve efficiency by being more organized.

We have also added the ability to archive from the individual sections by highlighting what you want to archive  and clicking the archive icon.

Along with the ability to archive comes the ability to un-archive as well. This will work exactly the same way as  its Archive counterpart.

Reporting will not be affected regardless if you choose to  archive or un-archive lists, campaigns or messages. The  archive feature’s purpose is simply to help users see  information that is recent and relevant, and does not delete  or erase any data from eLoop accounts.

We have also added error handling validation messages which  displays a prompt whenever attempting to schedule a campaign  with previously-archived lists or messages.

The Archive feature can be found under the “Data Management” section of eLoop.

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