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Gold Lasso Announces Video-in-Email Service for eLoop Users

Today Gold Lasso made an announcement regarding a new feature: video in email.

This service, now available to eLoop users, is a result of an innovative partnership between Gold Lasso and Liveclicker, a leading video commerce firm out of Silicon Valley. This partnership enables emarketers to sidestep the complex nature of sending video marketing to email subscribers, and avoid widespread blacklisting in the process.

With smart technology, the system detects which file type is the most compatible for the subscriber’s computer and bandwidth, and only displays the appropriate video type. The entire process happens the instant an individual opens your email message.

Benefits of eLoop’s video-in-email service include:

  • Measurable increase in click through rates of 15-25% versus control
  • File compatibility is no longer a concern with Liveclicker’s smart rendering-detection technology
  • No worries over blacklisting simply due to attempting to launch a video-in-email campaign
  • Eliminates wait time for video buffering or software upgrades by showing video the instant it’s opened by the recipient
  • Saves time in campaign creation by reducing need for list segmentation
  • Reaches 75-90% of list subscribers by working on mobile devices, PCs and Macs

For more information about how to incorporate video-in-email in your campaigns, contact client services.

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